Learning Enriches Lives

The Lifelong Learning Campaign is a nationwide initiative that aims to promote a lifelong learning culture and mind-set among individuals and employers. The … Source: www.youtube.com See on Scoop.it – Individual and Special Needs Examiner

How to Record Your iPad Screen – Jonathan Wylie

Once you learn how to record your iPad screen, you will be able to create your own iPad tutorials and app demonstrations. Here’s what you need to know to screencast your iPad. Source: jonathanwylie.hubpages.com See on Scoop.it – Individual and Special Needs Examiner

MOOC Research Hub

Research Initiative MOOC Research Initiative (MRI) is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of a set of investments intended to explore the potential of MOOCs to extend access to postsecondary credentials through more personalized, more affordable pathways. Source: www.moocresearch.com See on Scoop.it – Individual and Special Needs Examiner

Addressing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Technology

Technology is way too often given a bad rap by administrators and educators as a distraction or a hazard for students.  When technology is integrated intentionally with foresight and with intention of addressing specific growth-oriented goals, it increases the potential to help students learn, develop, and grow in unique ways.  It can be used to […]

Coding is the New Literacy – Think Playgrounds, Not Playpens – FRACTUS LEARNING

There is no denying that coding is snowballing in importance across schools all around the world. Whether it’s Scratch, Programming Games or the Hour of Code, an understanding of software and the ability to code is fast becoming an essential skill for all 21st century learners. At a recent TEDx event in Jackson Mississippi, Professor Marina Bers discussed her research into the design and […]