Technology provides learning opportunities for non-athletes to achieve fitness

Early research on a variety of motion sensing game systems, Wii, Kinect and a number of others have indicated that it had a useful role in rehabilitation and overcoming a sedentary life style. There seems to be continuous improvement in the quality of the activities found in the more recently developed software that bodes well for the future.  While these game systems are unlikely to replace athletic workouts, they can provide positive results for the sedentary, the aged, the handicapped and others with a lower level of fitness. As an indoor, home-based exercise, while not the total package, can certainly supplement other sorts of exercise as a fun and functional motivator.

The object of all of this is to provide the “learner” with the appropriate knowledge to build a better level of physical and therefore mental fitness. All in all, it is pretty simplistic.  It’s soft learning, but contained within it are some of the elements for hard learning.  If soft learning deals with personal development, hard learning deals with skills to cope with personal needs or survival skills for the workplace. The curriculum for each could incorporate schedules, agendas, calendars and the tools for these would be very much the same.  In fact, many of the tools applied to develop strategies for learning of all kinds came into being to support the needs of the business (working) community.

Many tools are certainly available within the world of present day technology.  If the average person’s usage of, say, the features available in Microsoft Word, s an example, only a small percent of what’s available ever gets used.  The potential that exists within the personal, household and even industrial technologies available today is much greater than their general application If this is the case, just imagine the potential of new technologies as they arise.

For some, this means better and broader training to reach for the potential of the tools to be used.  For others, it means, a more specific focus; a single function app or a piece of software designed with a single intention such as one that works a smoke alarm. Either way, a large part of learning will require learning about and how to use the available tools.

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