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Welcome to the blog spot of THEMIC Partners in 21st Century Learning.  As learning consultants we know that the value of life-long learning has never been greater.

The expression “21st Century Learning” has a nice ring to it, but like Stephen Leacock’s bank customer, it seems to have ‘rode off in all directions’. However, it is the 21st Century and any learning going on is happening in it so it leaves the door wide open for any number of interpretations, theories and solid ideas along with assorted rubbish as well

THEMIC will be keeping an eye on what is cooking, what is on the back burner, what’s being concocted on the counter and (to mix a metaphor) what’s waiting in the wings when it comes to learning.  Whatever it is, we’ll look at it, and give you our take and hope to hear yours.

Without question there is a lot going on out there in the world of technology and social development and, for better or for worse, more and more is showing up every day.  As researchers in life-long learning, we’ll do our best to keep up with it.  We will research for you, too.  Let us know what you need. We will assist you with what you need to know as long as we can share it if it is relevant to others.  Don’t want to share? Then send confidential requests to learn4life@themic21.com and we’ll communicate privately with you.

In the blog we will provide general information for all life-long learners, touch on current social and educational trends and take a look at new learning tools on the scene and how they might be used.  We’ll also take a fresh look at some oldies but goodies worth considering.  We will also look into what’s relevant to learning in the spheres of politics and law and check out what the experts in those fields have to offer.  We are educators, not politicians or lawyers but we will listen and pass anything worthwhile along.

We’ll examine some specific strategies and ways to employ them.  We will also look at certain situations where learning is impeded or advocacy may be needed and offer helpful advice or even develop a doable solution.

In the meanwhile, you can contact us at life4learning@themic21.com or submit your comments.  We would love to hear from you.  Here’s hoping you find something good at THEMIC.

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