Makey Makey Will Make You Love The “Internet Of Things”

See on – Individual and Special Needs Examiner A $49.95 Invention Kit for Everybody puts computer controllers at the tip of your fingers. Literally. No coding required. Michael MacNeil‘s insight: Hamds on technology that anyone can use and create with. See on

Some things that are happening in the learning world.

Over the last while, I have been filing posts from my SCOOP.IT files.  These are items that I feel are worthy of note in this technologically overwhelming age.  I will continue to file these posts (they are sent to our twitter and facebook sites, too) but hope to resume more personal material soon.  If you […] introduce their first MOOC |

See on – Individual and Special Needs Examiner Moodle for teachers: An introduction is a 4 week introductory course with a recommended total of 8-12 hours participation time. Registration opens on 19th August 2013 and the course starts on 1st September 2013. There are no fees for taking the course and successful participants will be […]

On Blogging and Social Media: How to search sites

See on – Individual and Special Needs Examiner is a great platform for curating web based content and collecting together your own portfolio or reading lists to share with the world. One of my major problems though with, used to be finding the articles and links I had saved and searching for […]

QuickCast. Make. Publish. Share. 3 Minute Screencasts

See on – Individual and Special Needs Examiner Once installed, it’s easy to record your 3 minute micro masterpiece. Simply select the QuickCast logo in your toolbar and then click record. You’ll get a 5 second count-in and then it’s showtime. Keep an eye on the QuickCast icon, it will indicate how much time […]

9 apps for creating multimedia content • Inspired Magazine

See on – Individual and Special Needs Examiner Until a few years ago designing an attractive presentation, or any other form of multimedia content, required expert designers. You first had to explain your idea to the designer who would then spend hours in isolation, using complex tools and software, to turn them into reality… […]

iWork – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for Mac

See on – Individual and Special Needs Examiner iWork is the easiest way to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your Mac or iOS device. And it’s compatible with Microsoft Office. Michael MacNeil‘s insight: Been around as long in some form or another as Office has , too See on