Fitness ideas for the non-athlete

In the quest for fitness on the part of the non-athletic,  a variety of learning needs come to the fore.  These people need to learn how to achieve fitness.  The need to learn what sort of fitness is right for them.  They need to learn what they can do to achieve proper fitness.  They also […]

Taking a dip in the calming pool on the river of relentless change

With some spectacular computer and communications based devices coming soon to a store near you, its really time to rein in and look at the processes of learning in relation to needs and to the tools we already have. Once having determined some of these needs and then evaluated how the various psychological, philosophical and […]

Education in the Crosshairs

At this time education seems to be in the crosshairs.  It seems that the formal educational system is under the political gun as stakeholders and the general public push at it to give more for less.  More significantly, education is at a crossroads and the concern is how it will look as it moves towards […]