Heutagogy: Meet the Future Head on.

In the pre-education system era of learning, pedagogy was only one method of providing for learners.  Apprenticeships and, of course, necessity, often took another tack.  Apprentices and others learning crafts arts and practical skills were often left to their own devices and expected to create seeking guidance when it became necessary, but always goal oriented. […]

Everything old is new again – in its own way

Communications technology, computer, Ipad and other tablets, cell phones, and the internet, are becoming more and more a component of education, and while it must still be remembered that they are simply useful tools for learning, their value cannot be minimized. They are reinforcing pedagogy as teachers and school systems turn to them more and […]

Some things that are happening in the learning world.

Over the last while, I have been filing posts from my SCOOP.IT files.  These are items that I feel are worthy of note in this technologically overwhelming age.  I will continue to file these posts (they are sent to our twitter and facebook sites, too) but hope to resume more personal material soon.  If you […]

Intergenerational Learning

Here’s a little intergenerational learning activity that can be based around this.  Pair an adolescent and her/his mobile phone, preferably a smart phone or other device that can be linked with Wi-Fi or has a data plan with an elderly partner with a similar phone.  Give or lend one if you must. The adolescent will […]

The New Experts

New technology is bringing about some significant changes in who holds the basic skills. Historically, older people have had claim to the experience and skills.  In our present world there are some important areas in which the younger person may have the greater skill.  In many cases this skill rests on the newer developments of […]

Intergenerational Learning

An aspect of life long learning that is getting some traction especially in Europe, that of intergenerational learning.  Based on demographics and possibly shored up by the winds of change from the eastern part of the continent. Intergenerational learning seems to be really taking hold there. Various groups such as the European Map of Intergenerational […]

Who Do We Trust?

Back in the days of the mid sixties Berkeley riots and the Free Speech Movement when Jack Wienberg introduced the phrase, “…don’t trust anyone over thirty.” , it became the anthem of a generation.  That generation is now approaching, or even on the other end of that generational divide.  No longer youths, no longer the […]

The Gang of Youths and Everyone Else

To understand the tools and the needs of present day learners its necessary to be aware of what all is happening in the world right now along with the forward-looking eye of a futurist. This requires a significant amount of research for the world is constantly changing creating more and more information to sift through […]

Supporting Independence

Skills to support independent living is taking on more importance as long term care facilities give way to the kind of residential care found in small groups, either through shared residences or outreach to support individuals in their own homes, If the twentieth century took away the extended family, the twenty-first century will have to […]

Supporting important skills

Tools to assist learning are , of course, only one part of the picture.  More important are the skills these tools are needed to support. Clearly, not all skills will require the tools of technology and in some cases only the simplest of support would be required to encourage development of these skills. In other words, […]